Seasonal Adult Hikes:Owling 101 8/21 9pm

Throughout the year we have an abundance of nocturnal life patrolling the forest floors, skies, and riversides under the canopy of darkness but none more famous than the apex predators of the black night: the owl. Although difficult to locate, these elusive after-dusk birds are fun living scavenger hunt for any night owl looking for an evening activity. Join us at Cranberry Lake Park as we learn a little about owls indoors before heading out on the trails to see if we can locate them, the tools that you'll require, and provide you with an entertaining and educational evening at one of our favorite parks!


Participants will be given owl fact sheets to take home to continue their searches in their own neighborhoods.

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Enrollment End Date 8/14/2020
Joel Miller
Sarah Hunter
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Friday - 08/21/2020
Start Time 9:00 PM
End Time 10:30 PM
Location Cranberry Lake Park