Hoots, Squeeks, and Legs-A Halloween Walk 10/17

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We love Halloween and nothing screams Halloween in nature like nocturnal shenanigans. Whether it's the deep hoot of a great horned owl high up in the trees awaiting an unsuspecting skunk below, or the silent chaotic flapping of a small brown bat as it chases after a delicious moth. We just can't get enough of these after-dark animals. We will be meeting outside with flashlights and bug spray before heading out on the trails to learn a little bit about the animals that call dark home. We will even have packets on how to protect owls to take home so that participants can continue their study!


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Enrollment End Date 10/10/2020
Sarah Hunter
Joel Miller
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Saturday - 10/17/2020
Start Time 7:30 PM
End Time 9:00 PM
Location Cranberry Lake Park