The Not-So Itsy Bitsy Spider 10/24 2pm

There are more than 45,000 species of spiders across the world and some of these creepy-crawlies are far more deadly than others. Luckily in Michigan we only have two true spiders to worry about, and both of them are very rare to encounter. Join us at Lost Lake Nature Park as we take a look at some pretty wacky spiders that can be found around the globe before examing our very own living Brazilian rose-harried tarantula. Afterwards we will be taking to the trails in an attempt to find wild examples of these hair-raising critters. Before we are all done, we will be putting together our own giant spider's to take home to freak out our parents!


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Program Type Nature
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Sarah Hunter
Joel Miller
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Saturday - 10/24/2020
Start Time 2:00 PM
End Time 3:30 PM
Location Lost Lake Nature Park