Lost Lake Open Houses-Cranes & Herons 2pm

Throughout our programs at Lost Lake we typically have one or two members of a very specialized group of birds which can be found in numerous regions of our park. These large avian critters have long necks and walk upon stilts, slowly pacing the borders of our kettle-lake keeping a keen eye out for frogs, fish, and other delicacies hidden below the placid depth. We are of course talking about cranes! We love our great egrets, great blue herons and sandhill cranes and have so much to say about them. Join us as we spend a little bit of time lakeside listening for, and watching for these large birds. We will even teach you how to put together origami cranes!


Lost Lake Nature Park's Open Houses will be offering 2 sessions for each Open House that'll take place in our reserved spot of the park by the docks and picnic tables. Each session is 1.5 hours and will be limited to 10 active participants. Registration for the Nature Programs and Nature Open Houses is open to both residents and non-residents NOW!

Program Type Nature
Program Subcategory Nature Family
Program Code -
Online Registration Yes
Enrollment Begin Date -
Enrollment End Date 9/20/2020
Sarah Hunter
Joel Miller
Gender Any Gender
Enrollment Minimum -
Maximum 10
Grade Minimium -
Maximum -
Age Minimum -
Maximum -
Sunday - 09/27/2020
Start Time 2:00 PM
End Time 3:30 PM
Location Lost Lake Nature Park