Lost Lake Open Houses-Where Are All The Birds? 2p

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When it comes to handling the cold there are three strategies the natural world can take. Animals can either hibernate and wait it out until readily available food reappears, they can resist and continue to scavenge what little is left while also hoarding their own life-saving supply, or they can migrate and move on to greener (literally) pastures. We would like to take this January to talk about birds and animals which vacation further south for the winter. Roughly 40% of the entire world's bird population are regular migrators. Just in the United States we have 3.5 billion birds taking the trip south. Come join us as we explore the routes they take, the stops along the way, and the physical adaptations needed for such a journey. Our youngest explorers will be taking home their own feathered bird wings to practice migrating around the house!


Lost Lake Nature Park's Open Houses will be offering 2 sessions for each Open House that'll take place in our reserved spot of the park by the docks and picnic tables. Each session is 1.5 hours and will be limited to 10 active participants. Registration for the Nature Programs and Nature Open Houses is open to both residents and non-residents NOW!

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Sunday - 01/31/2021
Start Time 2:00 PM
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Location Lost Lake Nature Park