The Buzz About Bees 04/18 10-11:30am

Without bees we wouldn't have most of the produce that we find in the grocery store, so we believe it's only fitting that we spend some time learning about these fuzzy pollinators of our parks! Join a naturalist beekeeper in their bee suit at Cranberry Lake Park to learn why we're buzzing about this topic! We will dress up as members of a hive and learn their roles, play a pollination game, read a story about a bee from our favorite bee puppet, and see a real honeycomb up close!


6-10 years old.
Maximum 10 active participants.

Program Type Nature
Program Subcategory Nature Family
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Online Registration Yes
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Enrollment End Date 4/14/2021
Joel Miller
Dinosaur Hill Naturalist
Gender Any Gender
Enrollment Minimum -
Maximum 10
Grade Minimum -
Maximum -
Age Minimum 6 Enforced - As of date 4/18/2021
Maximum 10 Enforced - As of date 4/18/2021
Resident Individual
Available until 4/14/2021
Residency Restriction Resident Only
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Amount $5.00
Non-resident Individual
Available until 4/14/2021
Residency Restriction NonResident Only
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Amount $7.00
Sunday - 04/18/2021
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 11:30 AM
Location Cranberry Lake Park