Lost Lake Open Houses-Michigan Forest 05/30 12pm

Any true Michigander is comfortable with the forest. Approximately 53% of our beautiful mitten is covered by forest, accounting for 19 million acres of timberland to explore and see. We are true people of the woods and we believe that the simple tree is often overlooked and pushed aside, so join us for an afternoon celebrating the noble tree! We will take a look at a tree cutting to learn what the rings we count represent (and how to estimate the age of a tree), learn about the respiratory cycle that keeps life sustained, learn about the benefits of forests (carbon storage and nutrition recycling) and even make your own leaf and flower pounding to take home!


Maximum 10 active participants.

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Program Subcategory Nature Family
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Enrollment End Date 4/22/2021
Dinosaur Hill Naturalist
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Available until 5/26/2021
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Sunday - 05/30/2021
Start Time 12:00 PM
End Time 1:30 PM
Location Lost Lake Nature Park